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Certificates of Origin - Digital

Certificación de Origen Digital (COD) – Digital Certificate of Origin

ALADI (Asociación Latinoamericana de Integración) –or LAIA (Latin American Integration Association)- has deployed considerable effort in the modernization process of international trade. This effort is reflected in its Proposal for the Digitalization of Certificates of Origin, backed by Resolution 59 (XIII), paragraph 19, and Resolution 60 (XIII), article 5, of the Council of Ministers. The resolutions support the exchange of information as well as the coordination and common actions among member countries in technical aspects, rules and promotion of IT to facilitate trade.

CERA, as an organization authorized by the Argentine government to issue certificates of origin nationwide, participates in the Argentine Committee of the ad hoc workgroup in charge of the Pilot Project for Digital Certificates of Origin. The current paper certificate will be replaced by a digital one supported by PKI technology to verify its validity and integrity. Soon CERA’s members and users of its certification service will be able to process certificates through this website. Detailed information and instructions will be available to enable them to take advantage of this technological development.

CERA will offer support and technical assistance to train businesses, exporters, customs brokers, banks and carriers, in order they profit from this new service from the start and effortlessly.

At present, CERA’s Certificates of Origin Department issues certificates for Mercosur, Mercosur/Chile, Mercosur/Bolivia, Mercosur/Perú, Mercosur/CAN, Mercosur/México, Argentina/México, Mercosur/CUBA and Rest of the World.

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